6 Types Of Shower Heads

6 Types Of Shower Heads

One of the most essential bathroom elements is the shower head. Be it the rain shower or the ceiling-mounted shower head, the beauty and elegance of this particular bathroom element are unparalleled. In earlier days, the shower heads used to be small in size and circular in shape, which made the bathrooms look very plain and basic. That’s why the companies came up with new and more unique designs. The showerheads can be integrated as an essential element in the bathrooms. 

Over the years, several kinds of showerheads have been introduced in the market. But unfortunately, not many people are aware of these different showerhead types or how to choose one. For this reason, people either stick around to the simple-looking circular heads or choose wrong-looking equipment that demeans the bathroom’s beauty rather than improving it. 

In this article, we discuss everything you need to know about different types of showerheads. So that, you can find what types fo shower heads suit you the best.

What is a showerhead, and how does it work? 

Before buying a showerhead, let’s first understand what this bathroom equipment is and how it works in coordination with other elements. 

shower head is a metallic element you see over your head from where water is dispensed in multiple jet streams, based on the number of pores present in the head’s structure. That’s why for a voluminous bath, a rain shower head is the best choice because it has a larger surface area, and the water flow speed is relatively high, just like rain.

Similarly, suppose you want to enjoy a leisure shower. In that case, you can choose the average circular shower head with larger pores, increasing the water volume falling over your head, but the speed will decrease. 

Now coming to the working of the showerhead, many people consider that it is the central part from where water is dispensed from above the head’s level. But in reality, the showerhead is just a part through which water flows and gets poured over the head of anyone standing underneath it. This part is connected to an arrangement of valves through a straight handle which you can see starting from the showerhead and going inside the wall. 

It is the primary valve system that controls the water flow speed and pressure through the showerhead. So, you have to make sure that it is compatible with the valve system you have pre-installed in your bathroom while buying a showerhead. 

What are the different types of showerheads available in the market? 

Several types of showerheads have been introduced in the market in recent times. Before you decide on any particular type, don’t you think it will be easier for you to learn about them in brief? 

If yes, then you are at the right place! In the following section, we have described some of the significant types of shower heads you can find in the market and how they differ from each other. 

1. Single spray shower head

First of all, single spray shower heads are the most common elements you can find in any store in the plumbing industry. Just as the name sounds, here, you will have a single spray type without any adjustment feature, which is why these are usually installed in commercial spaces like gyms, swimming clubs, and so on. The heads are smaller and circular in shape, and they are usually mounted much lower than the main ceiling height. That’s why the water is dispensed at an angle from the vertical wall, which is why one needs to move around to get a proper bath. 


· Cheap and easy to install on the walls

· Perfect for commercial spaces 

· No extra adjustment needs to be done


· Not a fancy shower 

· Bathing property is impossible 

2. Rain showerheads

The rain shower heads are the most common type chosen as they provide a luxurious feel and can handle high water flow rates. These showerheads are usually mounted on the wall with a long handle such that the main structure is at least at half an arm’s distance. So, if you stand facing the shower wall, the showerhead will be directly over you, and once you switch it on, water will fall over your head just like rain. You can adjust the flow speed to have a relaxing and stress-free shower which is why this particular shower head is the most preferred one. 


· Elegant and graceful in look

· Do not damage the wall with water speed

· Can help you with a relaxing shower 


· Don’t have multiple spray patterns 

· Water pressure is usually less

3. Adjustable shower heads

In the adjustable shower heads, you can change the spray patterns according to the number of features with the showerhead. The minimum number of shower patterns you can find in the market is three. You can have slow and single shower spray, a faster and voluminous shower, and a mixed pattern of the previous two patterns. However, suppose you want to enjoy the shower to the fullest. In that case, you can choose the shower heads having five or seven adjustable features. To control the settings, you will have a regulator or adjustment knobs to help you set a particular shower pattern. 


· Comes with multiple shower spray patterns 

· Perfect for family bathrooms 

· Highly affordable and cheaper 


· Can malfunction if the regulator is not working properly 

· Can get clogged easily with debris and other solid particles

4. Pressure-sensitive shower heads

Some people like to enjoy a leisure bath where the water will glide down their skin like a soft fabric. At the same time, some want to enjoy high-speed showers which can hit the muscles cells with the right amount of pressure for easing the knots. For such people, several companies have launched pressure-sensitive showerheads. In these heads, there is an outer rim where the pores are smaller in size, whereas the central part has more extensive water dispensing holes. If you have set the pressure at a high point, water will be dispensed from the smaller pores on the outside rim, while for low-pressure settings, water will be dispensed from the central portion. 


· Can be set at a different water pressure 

· Perfect for relaxing or hurried showers 

· Looks quite elegant and easier to clean


· Smaller holes can get clogged easily 

5. Smart showerheads   

Another excellent shower head type that you can find in the market is the brilliant shower head. These are shaped either in the form of simple showers or rain showers, as per your choice. However, the working is quite different from them. Here, there will be no switch or regulator with which you can turn it on and off. Instead, you have a stand underneath the showerhead, and once the sensors sense your motion, water will start falling over your head. Once you move away from underneath the head, the water speed will gradually decrease till the shower is switched off automatically. 


· Helps in saving water by working automatically 

· Perfect for a modular bathroom design

· Lowers the water bills you get every month


· Quite costly as compared to the regular showerheads 

· Won’t work once the sensor is damaged

6. LED shower heads

This is a new type of shower head which you can find in the market. Here, the heads are either circular or square in shape, but they come with an in-built LED strip running along the perimeter. Once you switch on the shower and the LED, a soft and soothing glow will be cast in the ambiance. Moreover, you can choose different LED-colored shower heads like white LEDs, soft yellow LEDs, blue lights, and so on. 


· No extra light needs to be installed in the bathroom

· Can help in mind-relaxation and relieving the stress 

· Comes with various LED colors


· Highly-priced and often go out of the affordable range 

· Changing the LED strips can put extra expenses on your head

How to choose the best shower head from the market?

Choosing a particular shower head is not as easy as it seems. Instead, you have to consider a lot of things while choosing the best product in the market. To help you out of this predicament, we have compiled a brief shower head buying guide for you. 

· First, choose the proper shower head as per your requirement

· Make sure that the showerhead type is compatible with the valve system present in your bathroom

· Make sure the material with which the showerhead is made is durable and robust 

· Choose a proper finishing look that will help in enhancing the look of the bathroom 


In the above article, we have explained everything you need to know about the shower heads present in the market. Since we have provided most of the information, your job now is to ensure that the choice you are making is perfect and elegant as per the looks of your bathroom. 

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