Best Bathroom Faucets In 2021

Best Bathroom Faucets In 2021

Best Bathroom Faucets In 2021

Are you renovating your bathroom? Or are you planning to make some simple changes that will bring more elegance to the bathroom? 

Regardless of your plans, one of the best ways to change the bathroom's existing look is installing a new sink faucet. We aren't just talking about the metallic part from where water is dispensed. Instead, the faucet controls the entire mechanism of water flows from the main supply line to the sink tap outlet. 

Over the years, several new upgrades have been made in the faucet designs. So, today, we have decided to introduce you to the best bathroom faucets you can get from one of the prestigious shops online- The Loftland. 

What is a bathroom faucet?

Before we give you a glimpse of what they have stored for us, let us discuss precisely what a bathroom faucet is. In most cases, people get confused between the sink faucet and tap, so first, it is essential to understand the faucet. 

A bathroom faucet is usually installed in the washbasin sink and is connected to the main water supply line. In addition, there are valves fitted with the water dispensing tube, which are also present behind the drywall. These valves control the flow of the water, the pressure, and even the direction of the water. 

Then you will have a handle with which you can open the faucet's valve or close it according to your use. Usually, in earlier days, people used knob-like handles, which were to be turned clockwise to let the water flow through the faucet and vice versa. But now, several new types and mechanisms of faucet handles are available in the market, which you can buy for yourself. 

Now comes the central part of the faucet, the metallic tube through which the water flows. Usually, the handle is integrated with the tap in most bathroom faucet styles. But, in some products, you will find them being installed separately. 

Types of bathroom faucets

In the above section, we have discussed what a bathroom faucet is and its main components. As we have explained earlier, several new bathroom sink faucets have been introduced over the years, and Loftland has included some of the most unique designs, which we will learn later. 

As for now, let's concentrate on the types of bathroom faucets you can usually find in the market. 

Bridge-styled faucet 

In the bridge faucet, there are two handles connected to the underside water pipelining system. You can connect both the levers to a single pipeline or different pipelines carrying hot and cold water, respectively. A bridge-styled tap is present from the lever handle mounts, which doesn't require any plumbing connection. The valves are present inside the pipeline structure connecting the water outlet tap with the lever mounts. These are usually mounted at the top of the sink, which is why cleaning becomes more accessible. Moreover, there is a gap between the lever mounts to clean the surface quickly. 

Center-set faucet

The center set faucet is quite similar to the bridge faucet. The only difference is that the two handles and the main spout section are mounted on the sink top. So, the basin where you will be installing the faucet needs to have three different holes, with the handle holes being four to five inches apart from each other. The spout sits right at the middle of the handles, making it look like the traditional faucet systems. Usually, the center set faucets have a traditional look with intricate designs and colored finishes. 

Single handle faucet

You can understand from the name itself that only one handle is present in a single faucet that works like a lever. Unlike the previous two faucet types discussed above, the lever handle is integrated with the spout. You will get them in a single piece. These faucets are pretty elegant, consume less space, and are perfect for a smaller bathroom. Also, they are the most preferred faucet type, which is why Loftland has introduced both stainless steel and colored single faucets like the matte black bathroom faucet

Wall-mounted faucets 

One of the most advanced bathroom faucets that you will find in the market is wall-mounted faucets. The entire system is concealed behind the drywall, like the valves, connecting pipelines, and other plumbing hardware units. A mounting plate with a push-button system will open up or close the water flow valve. The spout opening is also present in the mounting place, and hence, once you press the button, water will flow like a jet stream. Even though they are pretty modern and saves a lot of space on the sink countertop, they cannot be installed in every bathroom. If you have a large washbasin with high walls, you can only plan to install these faucets. 

Vessel faucets

Another unique form of bathroom faucet that you can find in Loftland's online store is the vessel faucets. They are mounted on the edge of the washbasin and are hence known as vessel faucets. You can find the vessel faucets having a single lever handle, or double hands installed separately from the central spout. However, with the vessel faucets, you won't have a wide variety. These are mainly used in commercial washrooms.

How to choose the best bathroom faucet in 2021?

Usually, people think that changing and replacing the bathroom faucet is the hardest part. That's why we have decided to take you out of this mayhem by simplifying the bathroom faucet choosing process. 

Bathroom faucet type

Your first task will be to choose the bathroom faucet type suitable for your bathroom décor along with the washbasin or sink you have in the bathroom. For example, if your sink has three holes, you either need to get the center set faucet or a single faucet with a mounting plate to seal off the holes. Similarly, you can go with the wall-mounted faucet type with a more oversized sink with high walls. Again, if your bathroom has traditional décor, it would be best to install the center set faucet, which comes with traditional décor usually. 

Get the suitable faucet handle types.

Next, you have to choose the perfect faucet handle type. Not only should it match the faucet type, but it also should have a functionality that matches your requirement. Following are the handle types you can easily find in the market: 

1. The single handle where the lever is attached to the spout system in an integrated way. With this single handle, you can control both the speed and temperature of the water being dispensed. 

2. Double handles are where you will have two different handles for water flow with a varied temperature. The bridge and center set faucets usually come with double handles. 

3. In the touchless faucets, you won't find any type of handle present with the spout. Instead, the water flow is switched on or off based on the movements of your hand. If you keep your hand under the faucet end, the electronic sensor will sense the motion, and water will start falling from the faucet. And once you remove your hand, the water flow will stop. 

Choose a proper faucet material. 

Next, you need to choose the proper material for the bathroom faucet. Some faucets are made from stainless steel with a glossy look, while others are made from cast iron or any steel and iron alloy. Each faucet material has its pros and cons, which you need to know beforehand so that your choice will be ideal for your bathroom. For example: 

1. A stainless steel faucet is corrosion-resistant, but they have less durability and can break easily if not handled properly. 

2. The bathroom faucets made from cast iron are the most durable and sturdy, which is why the structure will remain intact. However, these faucets are prone to rust over time. 

3. Suppose you want a cast-iron bathroom faucet. It is best to get a coated product like the brushed gold bathroom faucet. The coating material should be less reactive as compared to iron to protect the core material from corrosion. 

Make sure to check the finishing look.

You need to ensure that the bathroom faucet you are choosing has the proper finishing look. For example, suppose you have a contemporary or modern styled bathroom. In that case, you can choose the brushed nickel bathroom faucet where the top surface of the material is coated with nickel and brushed with corrosion-resistant power. You can choose a black matte or gold finish faucet based on the sink style and the bathroom décor. 

Choose a particular handle mechanism. 

The bathroom faucet handles work in different ways and based on that, and you will have specific categories like: 

1. Lever handles are where you have to turn the handle for switching the water supply on and off. 

2. Cross handles have a knob at the top of the handle mount, which acts like knobs. You have to turn them either in clockwise or anticlockwise directions.

3. You will control the water flow pressure by turning it in different directions with the joystick handles. 


In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about the bathroom faucets, starting from their types to the handle mechanisms and so on. We have also described the factors you have to consider for choosing the sink faucet in 2021. Since Loftland offers a wide range of faucets, it might be difficult for you to reach a particular decision. But with the above discussion, your work will become much more manageable.


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