What is Loftland?

What is Loftland?

To help you bring out the best from your house bathrooms, Loftland was established around a decade ago. The company is known for its high-end products with which you can easily decorate your bathroom by installing an entirely new shower faucet or a new water tap outlet.

This article will discuss everything you need to know about Loftland and how it has become one of the best companies offering bathroom & shower systems. 

What are the product categories of Loftland? 

Loftland has five major product categories under its company flagship. These are: 

Bathroom faucets 

Loftland has an excellent collection of bathroom faucets that will suit any décor type, washbasin design, and tile design. In addition, you can find faucets with flap openers, circular dials, and other such unique control features which will make your bathroom look authentic and eye-catching. 

Kitchen sinks 

Even though Loftland is famous for bathroom accessories and other systems, you will find a product category section separately for kitchen sinks. These sinks are made of ceramic or steel material, which increases the durability of the products. You can get different sinks, countertop basins, hanging basins, double sinks, and many more. 

Bathroom mirrors 

In earlier days, mirrors used to be present either within the dresser or on one of the bedroom walls. But now, mirrors are installed in the bathrooms also. As a result, Loftland has introduced a unique collection of bathroom rooms in different shapes and bordered by different types of frames painted in matte black, glossy white, and so on. 


Loftland has introduced a set of unique freestanding bathtubs having different shapes, volumes, and styles. Hence, you can choose from a comprehensive collection per the bathroom design you have in your home. However, before buying the bathtub, make sure that you have enough space after installing the tub in the bathroom. 

Shower systems 

The last product category that Loftland has is the shower system—starting from rain shower systems to the sets with both overhead and handheld showers. Based on the space you have in your bathroom, you need to choose the right shower system. In addition, the product sets come in various colors and shapes, which will establish a distinct look in the bathroom. 

Why has Loftland become so famous?

Over the years, Loftland has become quite famous. Most people think that the main reason behind this popularity is due to the massive collection of different products. Even though the speculation is 70% true, there are several other reasons why Loftland has become so famous amongst the homeowners and interior designers. 

In this section, we will make you familiar with why the company has become so famous lately.

Huge product collection

Be it the shower fixtures or the kitchen sinks. Loftland has introduced a massive collection of products. So, you will easily match the items according to the bathroom décor you have presently. These bathroom essentials will make a great addition to a renovated bathroom with modular or contemporary style décor. 

Use of high-quality materials 

Loftland cares for its customers too much, which is why they use only the highest quality materials for manufacturing their products. That's the reason why you can easily use the products without worrying about buying them any time sooner. 

Durable and long-lasting products 

Be it the tap faucets or the bathroom mirror frame, the products from Loftland are highly durable. Corrosion and rust wouldn't form on the surface quickly, not at least for a couple of years, regardless of how humid and warm your bathroom is. That's why the products will last for the longest time, and you won't have to repair or replace them anytime sooner. 

Excellent and modern designs 

If you look through the collections present at Loftland, you will understand how modern and appealing their product designs are. Not only do they have stainless steel products with shiny surfaces but also, they have lovely black matte finished products. So, you can easily pair these accessories with other components present in your bathroom without changing the existing look. 

Affordable price rates 

Lastly, Loftland has made sure that they can provide the best products to everyone. Perhaps that's the reason why the products from this company are so affordable to buy. You can easily add them to your cart without wondering about a hole being created in your pocket. 

How to choose the best bathroom essentials from Loftland? 

Since Loftland has introduced a vast collection of products classified under different categories, choosing the right product will become quite difficult for you. That's why here we have given some buying tips based on each product category. These essential tips will help you to choose the best product suitable for your bathroom. 

Tips for choosing a bathtub

· First, you need to decide whether a bathtub is needed in your bathroom or not. To get a bathtub, you need to have enough space to use other elements freely within the bathroom.

· Next, allocate a particular space for installing the bathtub. For example, if the bathroom has a low window wall, placing the tub beside it will give you a fantastic view of the outdoors. 

· It would be best if you decided what should be the size of the bathtub. Some tubs are made smaller but with greater depth, while some are elongated, but the depth is decreased. While deciding the tub's size, you need to consider your height and the area available inside the bathroom. 

· While choosing the bathtub, you need to decide the product looks excellent with your bathroom's existing style décor. 

Tips for choosing a shower system 

· While choosing a shower system, you need to decide whether you want only an overhead shower or need a hand shower. Once you have decided this, you can proceed further. 

· Check the components included in the shower system and make sure the concerned set has all the elements you will need for installing the system in your bathroom. 

· Decide the shape of the showerhead since Loftland has both square and circular heads. Since all the shower heads belong to the rain shower category, you won't have to worry about the speed of the water or its volume. 

· The next thing you need to decide is the wall where you want to install the shower system. If you have a separate shower room, there won't be any hassle installing the system. But if you don't, you need to decide the place first and then check the products. 

· Lastly, decide the color of the shower system you would like to have in your bathroom, along with the final look. Loftland will give you both glossy and matte finish shower systems so that you can beautifully decorate your bathrooms, like the matte black shower fixtures

Tips for choosing the bathroom faucets

· Since choosing a bathroom faucet is not easy, you need to decide the type of faucet you need in your bathroom. 

· Next, you need to decide the look of the faucets since Loftland has a vast collection. Several new products have been added to the collection, from the flap system faucet to turn around the faucet.

· Decide the number of faucets you need in your bathroom. Also, these products are designed so that you can use them in other parts of your house quickly, thanks to their neutral looks. So, deciding the total number of faucets is essential. 

· Make sure the product you are choosing is within your affordability range. After all, you wouldn't want to drain your savings to have new faucets installed in the bathroom. 

The best products from Loftland in 2021 to have a look at

Since you know almost everything about Loftland, we will introduce you to some of the best products of this company. It will help you decide what products you will need to add to your bathroom or kitchen. 

In this section, we have discussed the best products that you can get from Loftland. 

1.  Pull-down sprayer water faucet: These faucets have a spring system present within the hollow stand of the sink faucet. If you need to extend the water faucet, open the lock and pull down the sprayer tap. 

2.  Contemporary single-hole bathroom sink faucet: If you want to add an accent statement to your neutral bathroom, getting these water faucets will be ideal. An up-down flap system will control the valve present in the faucet. 

3.  Airplus LED oval bathroom mirror: If you want a clean and sophisticated-looking mirror for your bathroom, choosing this product will be ideal. The mirror has an oval shape with a LED light right a little away from the circumference. 

4.  Single bowl kitchen sink: You can install this kitchen sink over a cabinet and at the same level as the countertop. The product is made from white porcelain, which will impart a contemporary farmhouse look to your home. 

5.  Soaking bathtub freestanding: This particular bathtub is freestanding and has a sloping design, with the head portion being higher than the leg section. You can quickly soak yourself in the water as the internal volume is commendable. 


It has become essential for every house owner to get the best elements for their bathrooms in this present time. Whether the bathroom size or interior décor statement, having the best shower system or the most fantastic washbasin sink is crucial. After all, bathrooms too are a part of your home, one that you need to decorate appealingly and charmingly. And that's where Loftland comes to your rescue!

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